Email Verification

By default, users that register on your application will be sent verification emails that contain a link to verify their email addresses. Pace will not prevent newly registered users from accessing their accounts before they verify their email addresses. However, Pace comes with a verified middleware that you can use to restrict access to part of your application to only users that have verified their email addresses.

Setting up a mail driver

For Pace to be able to send verification emails or any other transactional emails for that matter, you need to first set up a mail driver.

By default, Pace comes configured with the SMTP driver, and you need to enter your SMTP details inside .env:

// .env


Of course, you can use any of the other supported drivers instead.

Disabling email verification

If email verification doesn't apply to your application, you can disable it in config/pace.ts:

 auth: {
    emailVerification: {
      enabled: false,
      expiresIn: '24h',